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How to Curve Text in Canva
  • By Design Bundles
  • 08 Jul 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Canva Tutorials

How to Curve Text in Canva

After many years of waiting, Canva has finally released its Curved Text option. Gone were the days when you still have to manually arrange your letters in Canva to curve them. With this new feature, you can transform your text to your desired shape with just a few clicks.
This is perfect for designing logos, circular stickers, and badges. In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how to use the curve text feature, where to find it, and an example of how to use it to create awesome designs. You can use any of the free fonts in the Canva library but if you want to upload and use your own paid font from Font Bundles, you need to have a Pro account for that. 

1. Open Canva and Set-up your template

You can select a design type by clicking a layout you like or you can customize the dimensions of your design by tapping the Custom Size button and entering your preferred dimension. Here, we are going to use a 500 x 500 px logo size template. Click Create new design. 
Customize Canva Template
Your design space will appear in a new window
Canva design space

2. Insert Design

Click on uploads. Select the pre-uploaded design that you want to use with your curved text. It will appear in your design space. 
Design Bundles logo

3. Insert Text

Click on the text icon. Then click Add a heading and a sample text will appear.
Insert text in Canva
With the sample text selected/highlighted, start typing your own text. It will automatically change the sample text.
Change sample text to Design Bundles
Change the font by clicking on the font name drop down and scroll through the options. Select the font you'd like to apply to your text. Here, we choose a font from Canva library. 

Change font

4. Uploading your purchased font

If you like to upload your own font, at the bottom click the Upload a font button.
Upload your own font
It will bring you to your Brand kit page. Click the upload a font and find the font you want to upload from your computer file, click on it and click open. We’ll be using this Slab Serif font called Shirens from Font Bundles.
Upload purchased font from Font Bundles
Your uploaded font will now be included in your uploaded font library. For a complete tutorial on this, check out our tutorial on “How to Use Your Purchased Fonts in Canva”. Now click that font to apply changes to your text. 
Use purchased font from Font Bundles

5. Curve your text

Position your text at the top. To curve your text, click on Effects and choose the curve option from the left panel. It will automatically curve your text. 
Curve text in Canva
Adjust the placement of your text then use the slider to adjust the shape of your curve. We’ll go around 64. 
Adjust your curve text in Canva
Duplicate your text by clicking the 3 dots in the toolbar for more options, then click the duplicate button. 
Duplicate curve text in Canva
Change the angle of the second text to the opposite direction by clicking the effects again and sliding the curve slider to the left. We’ll go around -63.
Change angle of curve text in Canva
You can also adjust the letter spacing of your text by clicking on the spacing option and dragging the slider to adjust the text appearance. 
Adjust letter spacing of curve text in Canva
And here’s our finished design. A curved text made easy in Canva.
Curve text made easy in Canva 
For more tutorials, check out how to use alternate glyphs in Canva and how to animate text in Canva.

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