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How to use your purchased fonts in Canva

Posted on 20th August 2018

1- Log in and open Canva and select the design type you would like.


2- Select your layout.


3- Once the layout is selected, click on text icon.


4- Click on the text box.


5-  Click on the font drop down box. At the bottom there is an option to upload your own fonts. Click on it.


6- A new browser window will open with the option to upload fonts at the bottom of the screen. click on the upload font icon.


7- Select the font you would like to upload. I am using Morning sunset from


8- On a pop up window you will need to confirm that the font you are uploading is your own property and have permission to use it. Click yes if  you agree.


9- Your font will now be listed.


10- Click on your design that you would like to use the font.


11- Select the text you want to use your own font with.


12- In the uploaded fonts section of the font drop down box you can now see and select your font. Click on it.


13- Your font is now in your canva design.

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