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How to find images and edit in Canva

Posted on 14th August 2018
*Free version used

1- Log into Canva and select the layout/design type you would like to use.


2- The design screen will appear.


3- Click on the search icon. A search bar will appear for you to type what type of image you are looking for.


4- Type what you are looking for. I have typed 'house'. You will see many different images appear. Select an image.



5- When you click on an image it will appear in the design space. There is the option to purchase design as well as free designs.


6- You do have the option to search for free designs as well as ones that are paid.


7- When you go through the free designs you can add them to your design. select the image.


8- Once selected you can edit the photo. Click on the filter. There are many preset options.  There is also advanced options.


9- With the drop down from the advanced section, you can adjust many different aspects of the photo.


10- There is also a crop option.


11- You can crop the image. Once you are happy click on the tick.


12- You can also flip your image horizontally and vertically.



13- You also have the option to adjust the transparency.

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