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How to load Filament in the Silhouette Alta 3D printer

Posted on 28th September 2018
1- Load the Silhouette Alta software. Click on 3D print icon.

2- Click on the small filament icon on the print screen.

3-  A change filament screen will appear. click on Load filament.

4- Place the roll of filament on top of your machine. Make sure that the filament is running the right direction as per direction on screen.

5- You now need to thread the filament through the filament loop.

6- *Note- when you thread the filament ensure that it is loose and not caught up.

7-  Next you need to Place the filament feeder tube on the filament and then press on the lever on the filament hole and place the filament in.

8- Please note the tube on the filament is to help the filament guide into the machine easy.

*I would also recommend to have the clear tube sitting through the filament loop also. I recommend this as after only having this machine for several weeks the filament is wearing the loop down. By placing the plastic tube through the loop this will avoid any wear on the loop.

9- When pushing the filament through the hole while holding the lever, keep pushing the filament until you can see it in the tubing inside your machine. All the way till it will not go any further.

Click on the load button on your screen.

10- A new window will appear and will let you know that the print head is warming up.

11- The print head will move to the front of your machine .

12- The print head will make a few noises as it is will be heating the filament. You will start to see the filament push through and go into the cavity to collect. this is just waste filament you can throw away.

13- Once it has hit 200 degrees, the filament will stop coming through and you will be taken back to your print screen. Here you can now print any designs you have created.

14- Please note once you have finished printing for the day follow the how to unload filament tutorial to remove the filament from your machine. Also store your filament in a air tight bag with silica to prevent humidity and damp.

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