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How to use SVG Files in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 27th October 2016
VIDEO (Mac Version)

Product shown: Unicorns by Clipick Design


1- Ensure your SVG file has been unzipped on your PC.

2- Open Silhouette Studio. Select the "Open Folder".


3- Select your SVG file. Select OK.


4- Your SVG file will appear in your design space as one file. Select the SVG file and then click on the " Ungroup" icon. This will separate the individual cut files. You may need to repeat clicking on the "Ungroup" icon several times until the file is fully ungrouped.


5- Once the file is ungrouped, you can change the colour of each individual cut file, remove or duplicate pieces, resize pieces or move them around the design space.


6- When you go to cut your SVG file, click on the cut icon (1) then select "Advanced" in the cut settings (2).


7- In advanced setting you can cut your SVG file by fill colour and therefore you do not need to ungroup your SVG file. Each colour will appear separately and you can tick or untick each colour depending on which part of the SVG file you would like to cut.


SVG file used is part of the Happy Birthday SVG Scrap kit from

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