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How to use the foil quill on a candle using silhouette studio

*Note - Once you have foiled the candle, you can use as a regular candle.

1- Open silhouette studio. click on the file drop down box.


2- Click on open.


3- Select your file. I am using Christmas clan family from designbundles.net


4- Select your design. you may need to right click and ungroup your specific design.


5- Resize your design to fit your candle.


6- When we use the foil quill and candles, you need a media to foil onto first. The most effective media is plain white tissue paper.

Take a single sheet and wrap around tightly a piece of cardstock. Tape together.

We use a piece of card so the tissue will firstly stay tight when foiling and also not rip when we remove it from your silhouette mat.



7- Turn your card over this side is the side we will foil on. Place more tape on the edges to hold the tissue tight onto the cardstock.


8- Place onto your cutting mat (or magnetic mat) And put your foil over the tissue/card. Tape down or use your magnets of using a magnetic mat.

9- To foil tissue  we need to be careful it will not rip. Use the setting 'foil transfer sheet' in silhouette studio. Set the speed to 5, force 10 and pass 1.


10- With the foil quill in your machine and warmed up press send.


11- Your design is now foiled onto the tissue.


12- Trim the tissue to fit onto your candle.


13- Hold your tissue design tight onto the candle and place a piece of baking paper or wax paper over the top. hold it very tight.

While holding the tissue and baking paper, take a craft heat tool (heat gun on low setting) and gently warm up the candle. As you warm the candle the tissue will "melt" onto the candle. Once you can see the tissue appear to disappear. stop heating and let cool down.

Remove baking paper.


14- The foil design will now be melted into the candle with the tissue. You will not be able to see and tissue or edges. it appears the candle is foiled.

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