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Rock Texture in Photoshop / Illustrator

Posted on 26th November 2018
 1 - In Illustrator, create a “New Document”.

2 - Select the “Rectangle Tool” (M), click inside your Document and create a 15 x 15 cm Square.

3 - Center it using the “Horizontal and Vertical Align Center” options on your Top Menu and make sure that “Align to Artboard” is selected. Or use the same options in the “Align Panel”.

4 - In the “Swatches Panel” choose a “White, Black” Gradient as “Fill”, head to the “Gradients Panel” and click close to the swatch on the right (90% Location” to add another swatch, double-click on it and fill it with 40 K. Keep adding swatches to the Gradient to create a pattern (From Right to Left: Location 100%, Color 100 K - Location 90, Color 40 K - Location 80%, Color 80 K - Location 70%, Color 90 K - Location 60%, Color 40 K - Location 40%, Color 50 K - Location 40%, Color 70 K - Location 30%, Color 80 K - Location 20%, Color 50 K - Location 10%, Color 90 K - Location 0%, Color 40 K).

5 - Go to the “Adjustments Panel”, click on the “Effects Menu” icon at the bottom of the Panel and navigate to Distort > Ocean Ripple… use a “Ripple Size” of 12 and a “Ripple Magnitude” of 9.

6 - Back in the “Adjustments Panel”, click on the “Effects Menu” icon at the bottom of the Panel and navigate to Artistic > Dry Brush… use a “Brush Size” of 10, a “Brush Detail” of 9 and a “Texture” of 3.

7 - Finally, add a third Effect. Go to Texture > Craquelure and use a “Crack Spacing” of 25, a “Crack Depth” of 8 and a “Crack Brightness” of 10.

8 - If you want to modify some of the Gradient’s colors, go to the “Gradients Panel” and change them. (We changed Location 50% to Color 50 K, Location 70% to Color 70 K, Location 20% to Color 50 K and Location 10% to Color 80 K).

9 - If you modify and/or enlarge your Square, the effects should be applied to the changes.

by @lornacane

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