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3 Ways You Can Use Silhouette Studios Sticky Notes

Posted on 29th January 2018

Last year, Silhouette introduced Sticky Notes which makes it easier to save additional information with your designs.

There are plenty of ways you can use Sticky Notes to get the most out of the handy feature.

  1. When using a calligraphy font in Silhouette Studio, you have to weld the letters so they don't cut out individually. When you weld words and phrases, you lose all font information. Use Sticky notes to save the font name and font size alongside your design.

  2. If you download a lot of SVGs from other designers, you'll want to keep track of where you got the designs and what kind of license they came with. You can add the design name, website name and link, and copyright information to the design and save it to your library along with the sticky note. If the design also includes any sort of instructions for how to use it, you can add those here.

  3. If you create designs yourself and want to share the Silhouette Studio file with others, you can include your name, a copyright notice, how you intend people to use the file, and even include links to your social media profiles, your website, and online shop.

Can you think of any ways you would use Sticky Notes? Share your ideas in the comments.

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