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Time Saving Tip: Recolor Artwork Tool
  • By Design Bundles
  • 08 Jul 2021
  • 3 Mins
  • Illustrator Tutorials

Time Saving Tip: Recolor Artwork Tool

The recolor tool is a great time-saving tool. It enables you to change colors across all your artwork without having to edit them individually. In this tutorial we will show you the Recolor Artwork Tool.

Step 1 - Open your vector art file

Start by creating or opening your design in Illustrator, I am using this pastel rainbow pattern from DesignBundles.
adobe illustrator tutorials

Step 2 - Recolor artwork tool

Highlight all your artwork that you would like to recolor. Once you have done this, select the Recolor Artwork tool found in the top toolbar.
Illustrator replace color

Step 3 - Recolor artwork options

Within the Recolor Artwork options, you have various means of adjusting colors. If you have any preloaded Color Groups in your Swatches, you can simply apply these by selecting them on the right hand side of the options panel. This will automatically apply to your existing colors, you can also drag and drop the new colors to your desired current colors.
Adobe illustrator swatches
Illustrator replace color

Step 4 - Edit your colors

You also have the option to go to the Edit tab within the options where you can use the color wheel to individually change each color. If you want to keep the same harmony, you can select the linking tool icon to link the harmony colors.
Adobe Illustrator Recolor Tool
When you are happy with your colors, select OK. You can now save your new design!
Illustrator replace color
This tool makes it easy to create a variety of the same design for selling as bundles or creating different options for a client to choose from. It’s an easy tool that you can definitely benefit from knowing about! 
We hope you enjoyed this time saving tip. We have more excellent Illustrator tutorials such as creating a ribbon banner, loading and saving color swatches and how to make a triangle.

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