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Color Matching items in Photoshop

Posted on 6th November 2019
For this tutorial, we will use some images with the items you want to modify and with the sample color. 

1 - In Photoshop, open the file you want to work with.

2 - Use the “Magic Wand Tool” (W) to select the portion of the image you want to re-color.

3 - If you need to expand your selection, go to Select > Similar.

4 - Use “Add to Selection” on the Top Menu and keep clicking on sections of the item you want to outline. If your selection expands too much you can use “Subtract from Selection”.

5 - Select the “Quick Selection Tool” (W) to finish up if needed. Use “Add/Subtract to/from Selection” with this tool too.

6 - Go to Select > Save Selection to keep a copy of it as a “New Channel” to use it later. You will find it in the “Channels Panel”.

7 - Duplicate the text layer four times (Command/Control + J). You can Hide your selection using Command/Control + D.

8 - To get the selection back, go to Selection > Load Selection and choose your “Channel” as source.

9 - Open the image with the color you want to use in your original file and make a selection as accurate as possible so it contains almost all of the different nuances.

10 - With the selection active (in both files), head back to your original file and go to Image > Adjustments > Match Color. Make sure the “Preview”, “Use selection in source to calculate color” and “Use selection in target to calculate adjustment”  boxes are checked and choose the other file as “Source”. Play around with the “Luminance”, Color Intensity” and “Fade” values until you are satisfied and click “OK”.

11 - To further adjust the selection, head to the “Adjustments panel” and create a “New Levels Adjustment Layer”. Tweak the values a bit until you are happy. Create this Layer with your selection still active. To “Hide” it use “Command/Control + H”.

12 - Check out your Artwork!

by @lornacane

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