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Foil quill tip size differences. (using silhouette studio)

1- The foil quill comes in 3 different tip sizes. Fine, Medium, Thick. We will show straight lines, text and sketch fill so show the differences.

2- Open silhouette studio. click on the line tool.


2- Draw 3 lines.


3- Type your text.


4- Draw a circle and duplicate for each tip size.


5- Click on the sketch tool and look at which sketch fill you want to use to text.


6- I have used a basic sketch fill.


7- I have colored each group a different color to keep each foiling separate. Set the foil to speed 5 force 4 and pass 1


8- Add the fine tip and foil. Repeat with the medium and thick tip.


9- Below is the difference on standard card stock. As you can see there is not much difference between the 3 different tips. The fine is slightly thinner and would be good for detail work. the medium and thick tip there is not much difference. It is good to note that depending on the media you are using the final result may vary.


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