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How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 16 Nov 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Beginner
  • DesignScape

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape

Discover how to quickly and easily change your design color in DesignScape.

You can change your design color in DesignScape with just a few clicks. Available online to Gold Plus Members, DesignScape is a great alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator. DesignScape supports various file formats so you can color customize your designs however you want.

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You can access DesignScape on the Plus Membership page. if you are not already on the Plus Membership page, you can find the link at the top of your page. Then, scroll down the page and click on DesignScape.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

During this tutorial, we will be using this palm tree SVG bundle. You are also welcome to use any summer SVG design we have available on Design Bundles.

Step 1 - Upload the Design

You can directly upload your design to DesignScape and immediately start editing it. DesignScape supports file formats like PSD, SVG, DXF, and AI as well as image files like JPG and PNG. We have an excellent tutorial on how to open and save files in DesignScape to help you get started.

For this example, we chose to use an SVG file. Go to File > Open then locate your design and click Ok.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

Your design will open up in DesignScape. You will be able to see the SVG design split up into its individual layers on the right-hand side.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

Step 2 - Change the Color of the Design

Make sure that “Transform controls” at the top toolbar is ticked. This will allow you to move and resize your design. Under the Layers panel on the right, click on the topmost layer to select.

Then, go to the lower right bottom of the screen and click on “eff” and choose Color Overlay.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

In the Color Overlay options, click on the color box next to the Opacity percentage. The Color Picker window will open.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

You can use the available colors in the palette boxes to change the color. For more color options, select a color then choose a shade. Now click Ok to leave the Color Picker and click Ok again to close out the Color Overlay panel.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

Step 3 - Edit the Color Overlay

When you apply a Color Overlay, you will see an “eff” with an arrow next to the edited layer.

If you need to change the color at any time, click on the arrow. Then double click on Color Overlay to open the options. Adjust the color as needed.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

You can add color styles for quick reference. Choose your color from the Color Picker options, then click Ok. While still in the Color Overlay menu, click on Define new.

Below this, you will see a box with your latest color and an arrow. Click on the arrow to open the color styles box. Each time you select a color and click Define new, the color will be added to this box.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

Apply another Color Overlay to the second part of the design.

How to Change Your Design Color in DesignScape 10

It’s that easy to change your design color in DesignScape. Color customizing designs is now a straightforward and simple task, maximizing your workflow. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and carry on to learn more about DesignScape.

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