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How to Change the Color of a Logo in Canva
  • By Nadine Spires
  • 22 Feb 2023
  • 10 Mins
  • Beginner
  • Canva Tutorials

How to Change the Color of a Logo in Canva

In today's tutorial, we will show you how to change the color of a logo in Canva.

Do you want to know how to change the color of a logo in Canva? Whether updating your brand or targeting a new, trendier market, we’ll show you step-by-step how to edit the colors. Canva is a great online design tool used to create social media content, presentations, blog posts and even Youtube content.

You can create your own logo or use one of the many professional Canva Logo Templates available on Design Bundles. We are using a simple logo that we created using this Bride and Groom wedding PNG and a FREE font called Olivia Script.

Looking for more free goodies? Be sure to browse our awesome FREE Design Resources and FREE Font sections for all of your wedding craft ideas.

So let’s jump right in and show you how to change your logo color in Canva. We will be using the free version of Canva during this tutorial.

Step 1 - Upload your Logo

You can upload your image to Canva before creating a new project or while working in a Canva Template.

If your screen looks different to the upload tutorial above, you can find the Upload option by going to Projects on the left-side menu. On the Projects page, click on the Upoads button at the bottom. Alternatively, click on the purple button at the top right corner to create a new design.

When uploading your design, make sure that it’s a PNG file with a transparent background. If you want a background present, do note that this will also be affected by the color change.

Upload your logo to Canva - Free guide

After the logo has been uploaded to Canva, click once on the logo and a new window will open. You can click on the gray box in the top right corner, or on the link in the blue box to use the logo in a design.

Use the uploaded logo in a design - Canva tutorial

Your logo will then be loaded into the design area.

Canva - Logo uploaded to design area

Step 2 - Separate Logo into Segments

If your logo is one color, you can edit the design by clicking on the Edit image button on the top toolbar. This will open a selection of options on the left-hand side. Then, click on Duotone > See all.

Click Edit Image to change the color of the logo - Canva

You will then have access to a range of color options. However, if your design is composed of different colors, then we need to break everything up into segments.

Duplicate and Crop Design Elements

We are going to duplicate the design multiple times, and then crop each duplicate down to create single segments.

Let’s first crop the bride and groom graphic. Select the logo then right click > Duplicate. Move the duplicate to the side but not off the page or else you will struggle to get it back.

Change color of logo in Canva - Duplicate the image

Click back on the original logo. Do you see the handles on the top, bottom and sides? These are the cropping handles that we are going to use. Click + drag one of the handles inwards so that everything else but the bride and groom is cropped out.

Alternatively, you can click on the Crop tool on the top toolbar. Either way, the end result is still the same and you can undo the crop by clicking + dragging the handles outwards.

Crop the logo elements in Canva

Make another duplicate and again position this to one side. Crop the first duplicate so only the words We Said Yes are visible and reposition the design element where needed.

We found it easier to place the one duplicate over the original bride and groom as a guide. It was then cropped, keeping the design element in place. Repeat this step for each part of the logo.

Canva free guide - Crop the design

When selecting the entire logo, you can see that we now have separate elements. This will allow us to edit each one individually.

PNG logo design elements now separated in Canva

Step 3 - Change the Color of the Logo Elements

With all the design elements separated, we can now change the color of each one. Select an element, and then click on Edit image > Duotone. Choose from any of the colors for your element.

The Duotone colors are composed of highlights and shadows. When you select a color, you will see the controls icon.

Adjust Duotone settings - Canva how to guide

Click to open the settings where you will see two colors. We typically want the Highlights to be either white or black and use the Shadows as our main color. Change the Highlights by clicking on the color box and selecting white or black.

Edit the Duotone highlights in Canva

You can then change the Shadows to any color you like.

Change the Duotone Shadows - Canva edit a logo

Change the color of each element until you are happy.

Final result of changing the color of a logo in Canva

As quick as that you have changed the color of your logo. You can further edit your logo by drawing in Canva or printing your logo during your creative design process. All you need to create amazing content for your brand is right here in Canva. We hope this tutorial has helped you change the color of your logo with a new look and refreshing look.

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canva tutorial beginner tutorial how to change the color of a logo in canva

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