How to Create a Floral Logo in Illustrator
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  • 23 Jul 2021
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How to Create a Floral Logo in Illustrator

In this tutorial, we are going to create a floral logo with text and some floral elements to complement it. We will be using the Cottage and Farmhouse font from Denise Chandler. There are tons of great farmhouse fonts available on Font Bundles to choose from.
There are some great premade logos available on Design Bundles if you'd prefer to go that route. 

Create a flower in Illustrator

Step 1- Use the Ellipse Tool to Make a Circle

Select the ellipse tool (L).
Ellipse tool in Illustrator
Click inside the canvas and create a 40 x 40 mm circle.
Create circle in Illustrator

Step 2- Turn Your Circle into a Petal

With the Direct Selection Tool (A) select the bottom anchor point.
Direct selection tool in Illustrator
Click on convert selected anchor points to corners on the top menu.
Select anchor point in Illustrator
Then, drag it down (holding the shift key) to create the petal shape.
Move anchor point in Illustrator
Or input a new Y value (we used + 40 and then clicked enter to add 40 mm to the current one).
Change y value in Illustrator

Step 3- Rotate the Petal and Create the Rest of the Flower

With the petal still selected, click on the rotate tool (R) in the toolbar.
Rotate tool in Illustrator
And move the rotation Center Point so it is placed on top of the bottom tip of the petal.
Change rotation axis in Illustrator
In the popup window input the angle you want to Rotate the petal (we used 332º) and make sure you click Copy instead of ok.
Rotation settings in Illustrator
We decided to leave a bit of overlap between the petals.
Rotate and copy in Illustrator
Go to object > transform > transform again (command/control + D).
Transform again in Illustrator
Do this as many times as needed to go all the way around and create a flower.
Transform again in Illustrator

Create your Typography

Step 4- Add the logo Text

Select the Type Tool (T), choose your font, and type your text. We used two different versions of the same font with different sizes, one for the first letter of each word.
Select font in Illustrator
Add text in Illustrator
And the other for the rest of the text.
Select font in Illustrator
Add text in Illustrator
Center your text using the Align Panel making sure that Align to Artboard is selected.
Align in Illustrator

Step 5- Unite the Logo Elements (Flower and Text)

Place Guides to mark the center of the first letter and place the flower on top. You may need to resize one of them to make everything more proportionate.
Align text and shape in Illustrator
Delete some of the petals to make space for the text.
Delete paths in Illustrator

Add the Details and Color

Step 6- Create the Leaf

Duplicate one of the petals (select and drag while holding the shift + alt/option keys to duplicate and move in a straight line).
Duplicate vector in Illustrator
Select the top anchor point and convert it to a corner point.
Select anchor point in Illustrator
Pull it up until the top point is at about the same distance to the center as the bottom one.
Move anchor point in Illustrator
Click on one of the side anchor points.
Adjust nodes in Illustrator
Hit S to select the Scale Tool, then pull one of the nodes up or down to round the shape a bit more. With this method, you should be able to pull both nodes at the same time.
Adjust nodes in Illustrator
Repeat with the other side.
Repeat in the other side in Illustrator

Step 7- Duplicate and Adjust the Placement of the Leaves

Hide the Guides if needed (command/control + ;).
Hide guides in Illustrator
Place the leaf so its bottom tip sits roughly where you want it to be and then head to Object > Transform Each.
Transform each in Illustrator
Adjust the horizontal and vertical scale to make the shape and shape of the leaf more proportionate. Also, change the angle and make sure that the reference point is set to the bottom center. We used an 80% horizontal scale, a 90% vertical scale, and a 302º angle.
Transform each settings
To add another leaf, enter transform each again and adjust the values to create another leaf. Again, make sure that the reference point is set to the bottom center. We used a 100% horizontal scale, a 100% vertical scale, a -302º angle and clicked the reflect x box. Click copy instead of ok.
Transform each settings in Illustrator
Move the new leaf and place it where you want.
Adjust placement in Illustrator

Step 8- Fix the Placement of the Petals

Check if the petal progression is smooth and fix any errors if needed.
Fix details in Illustrator
In our case, the overlapping of a couple of petals was not proportionate so we used the rotate tool to fix it.
Fix details in Illustrator
Select the petals and leaves and change the stroke weight to about 3 pt, make the caps and corners round.
Stroke settings in Illustrator

Step 9- Create the Center of the Flower

We are using the first letter as the center of the flower. To cut the petals around the center, create a duplicate of the first letter and turn the text to paths with type > create outlines (shift + command/control + O).
Create outlines in Illustrator
Double click on it a few times to enter Isolation Mode and delete the paths that form the letter. Once you are done, click on the left-pointing arrow on the top menu.
Isolation mode in Illustrator
Place the path on top of the first letter of the text and change the fill color to white.
Change fill color in Illustrator
Go to path > offset path and give it a 3 mm offset.
Offset path in Illustrator
Offset path settings in Illustrator
Select the text, right-click on top and choose move to front.
Bring to front in Illustrator

Step 10- Fine Tune the Flower

Select the flower center and click on unite in the pathfinder panel.
Unite in Illustrator
Then, select the flower (petals) and this time click on exclude while holding the alt/option key.
Exclude in Illustrator
Then, click on divide.
Divide in Illustrator
To get rid of the unwanted portions, first hide the text (expand the layer by clicking the small arrow on the left side of its thumbnail in the layers panel, and then click on the small eye near the text thumbnail).
Hide in Illustrator
Then, double-click on the portions you want to delete to enter isolation mode and delete them. Once you are done, click on the left-pointing arrow on the top menu.
Delete paths in Illustrator

Step 11- Fine Tune the Text

Select the text and convert it to paths (shift + command/control + O).
Create outlines in Illustrator
Adjust the placement of the text if needed.
Adjust text placement in Illustrator

Step 11- Add Color to your Logo

You can leave the color with just one color or add different ones to the portions of the flower.
Floral logo in Illustrator
To get a more detailed example of vector flowers you can check out our Geometric flower in Illustrator tutorial.

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