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Cut by layers in Silhouette V4.1

Posted on 2nd October 2017
*Designer Edition and higher. 

Open Silhouette Studio.

2- Create your design. I used the Free SVG bundle from

3-  To access the layers panel, click on the small arrow on the right size, then in the pop out tab click on the layers panel.

4- You can expand your layer to see different objects withing the layer by clicking on the layer.

5- Each object is connected to a layer. you can select a specific object in the layer and it will automatically select on your design space.

6-When several objects are together they are grouped.

7- You can also rename each object within the layer.

8- To add a layer right click on the top layer, alternatively you can click on the + icon at the bottom of the layer panel.

9- Objects can be sorted in to different layers by draging them to the layer you would like to place it. This is a great option when you have several objects that are getting cut with the same coloured material, so you can cut them all at the same time and also keep them in same spot for layering your design.

10- In each layer you have 2 boxes. one with an eye icon and the other is blank until you click it then it becomes a little lock icon.

If you click a the eye icon this will make that layer disappear from your design space. It is good to note that the layer will still cut when sending your design to your silhouette.

11. The lock icon when clicked and activated will lock that specific layer. so when designing on your workspace you will not accidentally move that part of the design.

12- Once your design is ready you can click on the send icon. This will bring up the cut screen. Click on the layers option to cut by layers.

13- You will see that each layer is in the cut section. By naming your layers with the layers panel this can help you know what layer is which. I have named each layer the colour vinyl I will cut it so I know what part of my design needs each colour vinyl.

14- In each layer you can select what type of media you are using to cut that layer. This helps greatly when you are cutting say a glitter card stock and a regular card stock which require 2 different cut settings.

15- You can also uncheck any layers you do not want to cut. or even all of them and cut one at a time.

16- You can alternatively Right click on a layer and insert a pause option. This will stop the machine after it cuts each layer and give you enough time to change media and the blade depth etc for each layer.

I used the Free SVG bundle from

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