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How to Save Design as a Canva Template
  • By Design Bundles
  • 26 Jun 2021
  • 6 Mins
  • Canva Tutorials

How to Save Design as a Canva Template

Canva has a wide array of pre-designed templates that you can...

Canva has a wide array of pre-designed templates that you can customize. Templates are extremely useful for invitations, resumes, and so much more. At times you may want to create templates from scratch according to your requirements. Our tutorial will show you how to save a design as a Canva template.

We created the Pinterest graphic pin below using a beautiful duo font called Ripon. You can use any fonts you have purchased and upload to Canva. For a complete tutorial on this, check out our tutorial on How to Use Your Purchased Fonts in Canva.

Pinterest pin using purchased font from Font Bundles

You may want to share your design with people while preventing them from editing the original. We will go over how to do this but, in a way that the original can't be edited. The template can be copied to the person's account for them to edit there. Please do take note that this feature is only available to Canva Pro users.

Pinterest pin Canva template

Step 1: Make your design as a template

After creating your design, to make it as a template, click the three dots from the menu bar above. Scroll down through the choices on how to publish your design, then click the template option to publish it as a template.

Template option

Or you can simply type in "template" in the search bar and the template button will appear. Click it.

Type in template

Step 2: Save it to a new folder

Before publishing it as a template, save it to a folder by clicking the dropdown arrow.

Save to a new folder

It will show you your design folders. Click Create new folder if you don't want to save it to an existing folder.

Create new folder

We're going to name it “Pinterest pin template”, then click add to new folder.

Add to new folder

Step 3: Publish template

Once it's in the folder, click publish template.

Publish Canva template

Now it's published as a template. You can click view template if you want to go over your design before you start sharing it with people.

View Canva template

Step 4: Share link

To share the link, go to the menu bar and click Share to get the link. Click the dropdown arrow > share a link to use as a template.

Share Canva template link

Click Copy link.

Copy Canva template link

It will then show that it's already copied.

Canva template link copied

You can now share the link with anybody for them to edit the template. They just need to paste the link to any browser > enter and this will bring them to a page that will give them the option to use your design as a template by clicking the “Use Template” button.

This will automatically create a copy of your template and save it to their Canva account. They can now customize the template that best suits their needs. They can change the design's image, elements, color, and text.

Customize Canva template

Now that you already know how to save your Canva designs as a template, you can start sharing them with others or even selling them without people messing up your original design.

We have more great Canva tutorials such as creating Instagram highlight covers, using text effects and how to use frames.

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