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How to use the pen tool In Adobe Illustrator

Posted on 2nd January 2017
1- Open Adobe Illustrator.


2- Create a blank file.


3-Make sure stroke is selected (1), Next make sure that the colour fill is turned off. (2) Confrim it is turned off by making sure a red line is through the fill (3).



4-Select the pen tool (P is the shortcut)


5-  You can right click on the pen tool to make a new box will appear. to the right of this will be an arrow. click here so the pen palette appears.


6- The pen palette has 4 options. The pen tool (1), add a anchor point(2) remove a anchor point (3) and the anchor point tool (4)


7- Select the pen tool. You can now draw your lines by clicking on different points on your art board and the lines will join.


8- When you hover the pen tool over a line you will see the + sign on the pen tool appear. You can then add an anchor point on the line. By doing this you now have another point to manipulate.

If you Hover over an anchor point you will see a - next to your pen tool. you can now remove the anchor point you are hovering over.


9- If you select the convert anchor point tool you can click on an anchor point and this will give you the ability to make a curve.


10- You can click on more than one point  and manipulate every point. The curves can be adjusted with the little handles that appear out of each curved point.


11- If you want to fill a shape you create you will need to ensure that all the points are closed and joined. if now the software will automatically stop the fill where the point ends.


12- To fill your pattern you need to click on the selection tool (1), then click on the fill colour option(2). This will bring up a new window with the colour picker in it. Select your colour and click OK (3).


13- With your image selected you can also change the size of the outline. Click on the top toolbar and select what size point you would like the thickness of the lines.


14- In the top toolbar, you can also click on the colour line option and select what colour you would like your outline.


15-  Finally you can also change the look of your outline, you can select perforated or even a brush stroke to make your shape look unique.

The pen tool options are endless. It is simple to use but very effective.

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