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Martini Glass Icon in Illustrator

 1 - In Illustrator, create a “New Document”.

2 - Use the “Ellipse Tool” (E), click inside the “Canvas” and create a 15 cm by 15 cm “Circular” shape.

3 - Center it using the “Horizontal and Vertical Align Center” options on your Top Menu and make sure that “Align to Artboard” is selected. Or use the same options in the “Align Panel”.

4 - Fill the Circle with a “Linear Gradient” (we used one from the “Swatches Panel”). Adjust the Gradient to something similar to this; Angle: 116.5°, Location: 0% (#fff33b), Location: 8.5% (#fdc70c), Location: 70% (#ed683c), Location: 10% (#e93e3a).

5 - Lock the Circle by going to Object > Lock > Selection (Command/Control + 2).

6 - Select the “Star Tool”, click inside the “Canvas” and input a 5 cm “Radius 1”, a 2.5 cm “Radius 2” and 3 “Points”. Fill the resulting “Triangle” with White.

7 - Use the “Delete Anchor Point Tool” (-) to delete the extra Anchor Points in the middle of the Triangle sides. You should only have the ones in the Corners.

8 - Rotate the Triangle until the pointed side is pointing down (hold down the “Shift” key to get a straight angle). Then, squish the shape a bit to make it look more like a “Martini” Glass.

9 - Duplicate the shape by holding the “Shift” + “Option/Alt” keys while dragging it down and place the duplicate under the original one. Rotate it so the two “Points” face each other, make it smaller and squish it a bit more so it looks like the base of the “Martini” Glass.

10 - Select the “Rectangle Tool” and create a rectangle that goes from the bottom of the upper Triangle to the top of the lower one creating the “Stem” of the Glass. Make sure that the corners are aligned with the sides of the Triangles.

11 - Select everything, head to the “Pathfinder Panel” and choose “Unite”.

12 - With the “Direct Selection Tool” (A) double-click on one of the small circular icons inside the corners of your Shape and input a “Radius” of 0.1 cm. This should “Round” all the corners in the Shape.

13 - Fill the “Glass” with a light shade of blue (we used #e6f0f4).

14 - Use the “Pen Tool” (P) and create another Triangle inside the “Glass” to mimic the “Liquid” and “Fill” it with White. You can use the “Smart Guides” to center it properly (Go to View > Smart Guides (Command/Control + U) to activate them).

15 - Use the “Line Segment Tool” (\), choose a light brown shade from the “Swatches Panel” as “Stroke” color and a 5 point “Weight” and draw a straight line (hold the “Shift” key).

16 - With the Line still selected go the “Profile Panel” on the Top Menu and choose “Width Profile 1” to create a “Tooth Pick”.

17 - Go to Object > Expand Appearance” and resize it if needed.

18 - Use the “Ellipse Tool” (E) to create an “Oval” shape, place it centered on top of the “Tooth Pick” and fill it with a light shade of Green so it looks like and “Olive”. Rotate them a bit.

19 - Select both the “Tooth Pick ad “Olive” and position them inside the “Martini” Glass. Right-click on top and choose “Group”.

20 - Select everything and “Center” it inside the “Circle”. You may need to resize it so it fits properly. And maybe adjust the “Glass” so the “Stem” looks better. Don’t forget to fix the “Liquid” too.

21 - “Copy” the “Liquid” (Command/Control + C) and “Paste in Front” (Command/Control + F).

22 - Right-click on top of the duplicate and choose Arrange > Bring to Front. Then, head to the “Transparency Panel” and lower the “Opacity” to 50%.

23 - Select everything, right-click on top and choose “Group”. Then, head to the “Appearance Panel”, click on the “Effects” Menu at the bottom and navigate to Stylize > Drop Shadow. Use “Multiply”, 30% “Opacity” and a value of 0.02 cm in the other three instances, click “OK.

24 - Use the “Ellipse Tool” (E), to create an “Oval Shadow” and place it under the “Glass”. Fill it with Black and lower the “Opacity” to 30%. Unlock the “Circle” by going to Object > Unlock All.

25 - Check out your Artwork!

by @lornacane

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