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Using icons in Silhouette Studio

Posted on 27th February 2017
Video Tutorial

1-  Open Silhouette studio.


2- Go to File > Open and select the file with your icons.


3- The icons will appear in your work space as a single file.


4-  Select trace image and highlight the whole file.


5-  Uncheck the high pass filter and adjust the threshold till all the icons are yellow. Select Trace and detatch.


6-  You can move each individual icon now from the file and trace them.


7-Select the icon you want to print and cut and select the trace icon, trace the image as you did in the steps above, tho this time select trace only.


8-  You now have a traced cut line as well as the individual icon to print and cut.

Icons are from and the file is called Customizable Outline Icon set

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