Top 10 features in DesignScape

Top 10 features in DesignScape

Did you know that, as a Gold Plus Member, you get access to DesignScape? It’s one of the many awesome benefits that come with being a member. DesignScape is a browser based editing program that’s a great web alternative to Photoshop and Illustrator. There’s no need to download anything! You can design on the go, no matter where you are. So let us explore the top 10 features.

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1. DesignScape on your iPad

DesignScape is so versatile. You can even use it on your iPad! Nope, there are no apps to download. You work directly via Safari or your preferred browser. Using DesignScape on your iPad works a little differently to using it on a computer. Instead of hot keys you will be working with virtual keys. Design School has put together a great tutorial to make this transition that much easier.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 1

As long as you have internet access, you’re good on the go. Now why not grab your favorite lunch while designing the next trend?

2. The Powerful Pen Tool

One of my favorite tools in DesignScape is the Pen Tool. Designs can be created using a series of paths, nodes and curves. You have full control over each and every node. This allows you to design exactly how you want. How awesome is that? Once you know the basics, you can create anything you can imagine.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 2

Not only is the Pen Tool excellent for designing, it works wonders when making accurate selections. Cutting out a background has never been easier!

3. Curving Text in DesignScape

Curving is a popular way of warping your text to a path. This path can be created using the Shape Tools or with the Pen Tool. Once that text has been curved, the shape or path is removed. The warped text is then left behind. I like to curve my text for projects such as banners, newsletter and even logos to draw the viewer’s attention.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 3

If you’re not sure about how to use text, our tutorial on text basics is a helpful starting point.

4. The Gradient Tool

The Gradient Tool allows you to create a smooth transition between two or more colors. When it comes to shading, this is definitely one option I would go for. I can add a gradient, adjust the color nodes and have a gradual color fill in no time. In this step by step tutorial, learn to create your own or upload purchased gradients.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 4

Photographers also use gradients to change the mood of a photo. If a photo looks a little bland, add a gradient to give your image that extra boost.

5. Path Modification Tools

DesignScape offers a selection of Shapes to use. Using the Pen Tool, you can modify these basic shapes into something more complex. When I have a creative block, I like to start with a basic shape and build up from there. It goes a long way in creating a starting point versus a blank screen!

Top 10 features in DesignScape 5

The Subtract and Intersect options are my favorite tools to use. What are your favorite modification tools you like using in workflow?

6. Filters Option in DesignScape

Change the way your photos look with just one click using the Filters Gallery. These can even be applied to designs. Striking embossed or painterly effects are just one of the many options available. Filters can also be stacked but this may slow the process down. If you do come across this issue, not to worry. In this tutorial, you will discover a quick hack as well as how to use the filters.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 6

There are a huge selection of filters in both the Filter Gallery and under the Filter Menu. For a more customized feel, you can adjust the various sliders for each filter.

7. Use Your Purchased Photoshop Brushes in DesignScape

Wow! You can use your library of purchased Photoshop brushes in DesignScape! Brushes let you paint on layers, add texture or help to retouch images. You can upload your brushes in only a few steps and start painting right away. Have you seen the tons of Photoshop brushes on Design Bundles?

Top 10 features in DesignScape 7

Not only can you upload Brushes, but Photoshop Actions too! Actions make quick work of applying edits to your photos. DesignScape has also made it so easy for me to create my own actions. All of my edits are recorded, saved and I can apply to any photo with just one click!

8. Seamless Patterns and PAT Files

Seamless patterns are totally amazing! These patterns are designed in such a way that you can duplicate multiple times and align seamlessly. You don’t have to worry about visible edges or pattern interruption. This allows you to create a much larger version of the pattern.

Seamless pattern files can be identified by their .pat extension. This is why you may see “PAT” mentioned in a product title on Design Bundles.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 8

Already have tons of awesome PAT files? Go ahead and upload those too! Check out this beginner friendly tutorial on using PAT files in DesignScape.

9. Design With Artboards

Artboards in DesignScape can save you a huge amount of time and effort. You can work on multiple designs at once as if they were on individual documents. Using artboards allows me to create a series of designs where consistency is needed. I can also create multiple versions of the same design and quickly compare.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 9

Each artboard can be saved in various formats at once, which is awesome! Your files are saved as a single ZIP file to make things more compact. If you’re unsure of how to use these files, have a look at our tutorial on unzipping a zip file.

10. Create a YouTube Banner

YouTube is fast becoming a creative way to connect with your viewers. You can showcase your crafts, designs and products while getting to know your followers better. They in turn get to meet the person behind the magic. Why not catch the eye of your YouTube viewers with a jaw-dropping banner? Yep, you can definitely create a YouTube banner in DesignScape.

Top 10 features in DesignScape 10

The tutorial guides you through easy to follow steps on making this trendy banner. It speaks to me as a crafter on so many levels!

Top 10 features in DesignScape 11

But, what about other social media platforms? Design School has you covered with tutorials on how to create Instagram highlights, YouTube outro templates, or Pinterest Templates.

DesignScape is so feature packed you also get a Healing Brush, Clone, Blur and Sharpen, Crop, Dodge and Burn and many other tools. Layers allow you to break up the elements of your design so they can be edited individually.

This is just a taste of what DesignScape has to offer. There are over 60 DesignScape tutorials waiting for you to explore in Design School.

We would love to hear what your favorite feature is. So please leave a comment below!

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