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How to Mirror Text and Images in Silhouette Curio

1- Open Silhouette Studio. Go to the cutting mat and change to the curio. Next Change the media size to fit the curio mat. A5 will work well.

2- With the 2 sections changed you will see that the mat on the screen now is the curio mat.

3-  Select the text tool and type your text.


4- Select the text style panel and select the font you would like to use. I am using the font Amastery duo from fontbundles.net


5- Move your text so they are overlapping and then weld the text.


6- Group your text.


7- With images, select the one you would like.


8- Select your image.


9- Select everything that you would like to mirror.


10- Click on the replicate panel. Click the mirror icon.


11- Your image will replicate as a mirror.


12- Delete the unmirrored design. Select send.


13- Click the Select the curio machine.


14- Choose your HTV or material you would like to use. Click on send.


15- If you do not mirror your design and select HTV (heat transfer vinyl) material, you can still click on send. With HTV the software will remind you that the design will need to be reversed.


16- The pop up box will appear and you can then choose to send the design mirrored or as you see it on your screen.

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