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Canva Basics

Posted on 14th August 2018
*Free version used

1- Log in to Canva. Click the  + more option.


2- You have many different preset options  with Canva. From facebook posts to YouTube video headers, you can pick many different options.

Select one choice.



3- Once you choose your design type, you can see several options on the left of your screen.

First is the layout option.


4- There an many different preset layouts available.

Click on one and it will appear in the design space.


5- You can select your layouts according to your teams designs or all of your own previously saved designs as well as the options that are preset.


6- You also have a variety of element options to choose from to add to your design. Access these by clicking on them.


7- Next is the text option. Here you can add premade quotes and text.


8- Next you have the background option. Here you can choose a specific colour or a predesigned pattern to use a background.


9- Last option is the uploads. Here you can upload images and design elements that have been purchased from places like


10- On the top toolbar you have the file options. here you can save, resize and make a copy.


11- You can also create your designs and then share.


12- A new window will pop up and this will give you options on how to share your design.


13- If you need to save your design you can download it . There are different formats.


14- There is also an option to order prints. This will give you the option to pick a format and then print.

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